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Introducing the HVT Crowdsale

Hive Power builds decentralized energy communities secured by the blockchain


Hive Power enables the creation of energy sharing communities where all participants are guaranteed to benefit from the participation, reaching at the same time a technical and financial optimum for the whole community.

By using the Hive Power platform users are empowered to create decentralized energy communities. Hive Power is perfectly tailored to the current grid transition, enabling a safe and cost effective operation of the electrical grid by ensuring a fair and resilient energy market for all actors involved.

We are happy to announce our HVT Crowdsale, which will help us to realize our vision of decentralized energy sharing platform.

The HVT token

The Hive Token (HVT) is a standard ERC20 Ethereum token managed by a smart contract. The purpose of HVT is to be used for the creation and management of hives and meters and to participate to the governance of the Hive Power platform. HVT will be created only once, during the upcoming Crowdsale.

HVT maximum supply: 100’000’000


HVT main functions are the following:

  • Hive management — In order to create a new Hive and manage its electrical meters, the future hive owner will need to send HVTs to the Beekeeper smart contract, which will proceed with the deployment of the Hive smart contract.
  • Governance — Hive Owners, who are staking HVTs in the Beekeeper contract, will also have access to Hive Power technical governance


The Crowdsale will run on Ethereum smart contracts, accepting ETH payments in exchange for HVT tokens. Tokens that remain unsold by the end of the Crowdsale will be burned, reducing the tokens circulating supply.

The Crowdsale is capped at 50 million HVT, corresponding to roughly $11.75 million USD. The HVT final token price is set to 0.25 USD. Contributions will be exclusively in ETH. The token ETH exchange rate will be set on Thursday 7th of June at 12:00 PM UTC, five days before the beginning of the crowdsale.

To participate to the HVT Crowdsale, contributors will have to register a KYC (Know Your User) profile. This registration can be done prior or during the token sale.

The Crowsale will start on June 12th, 2018 and finish on June 30th, 2018 or when the hard cap is reached.

To reward the first contributors to the crowdsale we defined the following Bonus phases:

  • Royal Jelly Phase — 5’000’000 HVT
    The first crowdsale phase comprises 5% of the generated HVT tokens. Investors in the first batch will receive a 30% bonus on the Public Sale price.
  • Honey Phase — 20’000’000 HVT
    The second crowdsale phase comprises 20% of the generated HVT tokens. Investors in the second batch will receive a 10% bonus on the Public Sale price.
  • Propolis Phase — 25’000’000 HVT
    The last crowdsale phase comprises 25% of the generated HVT tokens.

Token Distribution

  • 33% of the HVT tokens generated are reserved for the Hive Power Sagl company operation, to fund research and development, pilot projects and industrial and geographical expansion.
  • 10% of the HVT tokens generated are reserved for the Hive Power Founders and are subject to a two year vesting schedule in a smart contract. Every six months 25% of the tokens will be accessible.
  • 4% of the HTV tokens generated are reserved for Hive Power Early Backers, individuals and businesses that have helped Hive Power before the Crowdsale.

3% of the HVT tokens generated are allocated to the Referral and Airdrop program. More details about them will be revealed in few days, stay tuned!

Additional Token Generation Infos

  • No minimum buy limit requirements
  • Tokens are sent immediately to buyers and become transferable once the token sale has ended and the Hive Power Platform 1.0 is deployed in June 2018.
  • People from all countries, except the USA and China, can participate in this token sale.

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