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Hive Power Referral Program with eidoo ICO Engine

Hive Power KYC process and Referral Program on eidoo ICO Engine are now active.

You can find detailed information about the ICO Engine registration here.


After the registration, the participants will receive a unique referral URL. Participants will receive a token bonus equivalent to the 5% of tokens bought by referred buyers. The bonus tokens will be distributed from the Airdrop and Referral Program fund, after the end of the Crowdsale.

Note: Users who didn’t move their HVT tokens after the Crowdsale will be eligible to receive the Hive Power airdrop. The airdrop fund will be distributed to token holders proportionally to their HVT balance.

Read our Airdrop and Referral announcement here.

Referral Program

The referral link can be found at the Hive Power profile on ICO Engine:

Referral 1

Once you click on the “get referral code” button, the system will generate your unique referral code that you can share with your network. Here you can see an example of the generated code:

Referral 2

If you want to see all the referral links you have, you can easily do this from your ICO Engine personal profile:

The greater your referral clicks, the bigger your reward for spreading the word about Hive Power.

Referral 3

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At Hive Power we are enabling the creation of energy sharing communities where all participants are guaranteed to benefit from the participation, reaching at the same time a technical and financial optimum for the whole community.

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