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Collaboration with Eidoo ICO Engine for Hive Power’s Crowdsale — Everything you need to know

Hive Power is happy to collaborate with Eidoo ICO engine in order to be completely compliant with the new regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA released earlier this year. Among other things, the regulations are focused on anti-money laundering, that includes the need of establishing the identity of beneficial owners.

This is where Eidoo ICO Engine steps in, providing Tier 1 and Tier 2 identification for its users. In this step-by-step guide you will find how to register to Eidoo ICO Engine and how to participate to the Hive Power crowdsale on the 12th of June 2018.

To participate to the Hive Power ICO, you need to register to the Eidoo ICO Engine website and identify yourself through the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. In order to do so, you need to complete Tier 1 (up to 3.000 CHF per year) and Tier 2 (up to 500.000 CHF per year). For each Tier, you will be required to provide different documents, which will be specified below. This is necessary in order to comply to future AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirements and to avoid unauthorized people to participate in the ICO.

After the KYC procedure, you will receive your referral link and you will be able to participate to the Hive Power airdrop!

Following, there’s a step-by-step guide to help you going through the KYC procedure, get your referral link and participate to Hive Power airdrop!

Before starting, note that Chinese and U.S. citizens won’t be able to join the ICO.

1) Download the Eidoo app

The app is available for iOS and Android. You will get your wallet address, necessary to send ETH and buy the tokens.

Please, use Google Chrome from now on.

2) Register on the Eidoo ICO Engine Website

Eidoo 1 HD

Go to Eidoo ICO Engine

To register, you will need to provide the following information: name, surname, email, and password.

You will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration. This link will redirect you to your first log-in.

Eidoo 2 HD

In the upper-right corner of the page, click on your profile. Now you will see your profile page: you can enter your name and surname (or a nickname), photo, description and choose your privacy settings.

Finally, you can add a 2-factor authentication using Google Authenticator for increased security.

3) Identification — Tier 1

Eidoo 3 HD

To complete Tier 1, click on the left menu the “Identification” item.

Remember that Tier 1 will allow you to join the ICO with a maximum of 3.000 CHF per year.

Here you will need to enter the following information: name, surname, address, house number, city, zip code, country, email, telephone number, nationality, date of birth, etc. You will also need to enter your Eidoo wallet address and declare that you are not an American citizen or subject in any way to US taxation.

4) Identification — Tier 2

After completing Tier 1, accept the “Terms and Conditions” and click on “Upgrade to Tier 2”.

Remember that Tier 2 will allow you to join ICOs with a maximum of CHF 500.000 per year.

Eidoo 4 HD

In Tier 2, you will be asked:

  • To proof your identity (passport OR driving license OR identity card)
  • To proof your residence (bank statement OR utility bill)
  • A selfie (you can upload it OR take one with the webcam)
  • To select the type of verification (private OR business)
  • To agree to term and conditions

Depending on whether you click on “Private” or “Business” you will need to fill form A (private) or form K (business). Some fields of this form will be automatically filled. Finally, you will need to sign the document by using the Google Authenticator 2FA (2 Factor Authentication).

Eidoo 5 HD

5) Connect the ICO Engine profile to the eidoo wallet

After completing the KYC procedure, you need to connect your verified ICO Engine profile to your eidoo wallet address. To complete this step, return to your profile page and click on the left menu the “My addresses” item. Here you will need to insert your eidoo wallet address, which is obtained with the download of the eidoo app (Step 1).

2018-06-12 23.19.49.jpg

6) Buy the HVT tokens

Finally, to buy the Hive Token, you need to log-in on the eiddo app, click on “ICO list“, choose the Hive Power ICO and insert the amount of ETH you want to use to buy HVT.


7) Referral URL

After the registration, the participants will receive a unique referral URL (on the website). This URL will be used to reward participants who will promote Hive Power to their friends: participants will receive a token bonus equivalent to the 5% of tokens bought by referred buyers. The bonus tokens will be distributed from the Airdrop and Referral Program fund, after the end of the Crowdsale.

Guide to get your referral link

The referral link can be found at the Hive Power profile on ICO Engine:

Referral 1 HD

Once you click on the “get referral code” button, the system will generate your unique referral code that you can share with your network.

Here you can see an example of the generated code:

Referral 2 HD

If you want to see all the referral links you have, you can easily do this from your ICO Engine personal profile:

The greater your referral clicks, the bigger your reward for spreading the word about Hive Power!

Referral 3 HD

8) Airdrop

In August 2018, Hive Power will distribute 500’000 HVT tokens to reward HVT token holders. Users who didn’t move their HVT tokens after the Crowdsale will be eligible to receive the airdrop. The airdrop fund will be distributed to token holders proportionally to their HVT balance.

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