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Hive Power ICO did not reach the soft cap. Contributors will be refunded

Dear contributors and community, we are sorry to have to communicate to you that the Hive Power ICO did not reach the soft cap, and that we will be honoring our terms and conditions by returning all the Ethers to those who contributed to the public sale on the Eidoo platform. So, expect to be …

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Trustless coordination mechanism for smart grid energy markets, a game theoretic approach

Increasing the amount of  installed renewable energy sources such as solar and wind is an essential step towards the decarbonization of the energy sector. From a technical point of view, however, the stochastic nature of distributed energy resources (DER) causes operational challenges. Among them, unbalance between production and consumption, overvoltage and overload of grid components are …

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Auditing of Hive Power crowdsale contracts

Hive Power crowdsale and HVT token smart contracts were audited by SmartDec. The results are published here, on the SmartDec blog. We are glad to see that no critical issues were reported. A few medium severity issues were found. In the meantime all of them have been addressed, either by changing the code, or by …

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Former Director of Swiss Federal Office of Energy Mr Walter Steinmann steps in as advisor for Hive Power

The team at Hive Power is excited to announce that Walter Steinmann, the former director of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, has joined as an advisor! The SFOE is responsible for energy policy-making, which includes securing a sustainable power supply, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency, and the coordination of research in Switzerland. …

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Reimagining A Cryptocurrency Energy Economy with Hive Power

We’ve always claimed that our vision at Hive Power is to create a world that shares energy to ensure a better and brighter future. One of the ways we are doing just that, is by bringing solutions to a range of challenges being faced not just in the energy market, but also across blockchain technologies …

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11 Mind Blowing Statistics About Worldwide Energy

Globally we consume around 17.7 Terawatts of power taken from all sources of energy.

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